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Crafted from a blank canvas and meticulously cut for your shape, the pattern and fit is designed exclusively for the customer’s unique body

The human body contains very few straight lines, therefore, Chan’s bespoke patterns are also hand-drawn in order to adjust to the customer’s own form

Bespoke can emulate, and imitate styles up to a certain degree, but at the end of the day it can only be crafted for your form alone

Bespoke & Ready to Wear tailoring are ultimately of different worlds that truly cannot be compared. With Ready to Wear, you inhabit a creation drawn up to fit an industry standard body prior to any necessary adjustments of your own and is born out of the styling of its designer. Bespoke places the control in your own hands: the shaping is to your body, the details entirely up to your discernment, the look a result of true collaboration between yourself and your tailor. As the relationship blossoms, so too can your signature style

The Chan concept of Bespoke Tailoring is to preserve the essence of bespoke and the trusted principles of quality suiting, yet involve using the finest of techniques and the acknowledgment of the myriad developments in styles, preferences and society.